Time to Talk #2

Whaddup Lions and how are you today. Do you remember that time not too long ago when I did a post where I just talked out of my ass just because I had so much to tell you. Yeah it’s one of those so let’s have some fun and talk.

First of all I just want to ask you if you guys like my new layout. I spent all morning today designing everything and I hope you like it and the cover picture shows up because I designed it all by myself and I’m proud of it. What else is there on the blogging front. Oh yeah I got a collab that I’m working on. It’s my first one and I don’t really know how collabs work so this will be exciting af because it’s gonna be so funny to make and to read (well it would be for me at least as it’s tailored to my sense of humour). Final thing with blogging is I want to know what kind of posts you guys like because I’ve kind of been relying on stats to help me with that and I don’t enjoy looking at my stats because they’re not what blogging is about.

Now on a more personal level. As I’ve said a billion times I’ve had exams this year and so far I haven’t been feeling any stress leading up to them. For example I go into exams low key confident because I feel as if I can do it and I approach it positively but what makes me anxious is why the hell aren’t I feeling anxious. I feel like I’m able to keep myself afloat when the times are bad now because it’s easy to preach and use words but when the times actually comes putting what you preach into practice can be difficult. For example I always say people’s opinions don’t matter but whenever I’d get criticised for something true it would get to me personally but now I only take it personally for about a minute before reminding myself that they don’t matter. Am I making sense. I hope I’m making sense.

Now onto what I call news. Who out of you has heard about the Justin Bieber no selfies with fans drama. If you haven’t then Justin Bieber has said that he doesn’t want to take selfies with fans because they make him feel like a “zoo animal”, this had lead to a lot of backlash from fans and lots of people because they’re accusing him of not caring for his fans but my opinion is I simply don’t blame him.
Imagine this scenario: Since you were 15 you’ve been in the public eye non-stop, you probably never really got to experience being a normal teenager because when you’d go to do a normal teenager thing like hang out with friends, you’d get a load of adults taking pictures of you against your will and shouting your name aggressively. Let’s not forget having screaming teenage girls trying to rip your arm off and automatically asking for a selfie when they meet you with no hi how are you or hey you look a little sad are you ok, would you like to talk about it? If that were you reading this ask yourself how you’d feel if you lost your teenage years, been treated like a toy in a kindergarten classroom and still have private issues to deal with. I don’t know about you but that sounds terrible. Some may argue that he has an easy life, he sings to people for a living and earns lots of money from it but remember he’s only human and he has feelings too. Let’s not forget he’s only 22 he’s got so much time to develop as a person.

What else is there… oh yeah I made a Twitter and I’m learning how to operate it so far I’m doing OK and I know how to follow people, which is good and I also can tweet successfully but it’s a pain to stay within the character limit. Can you guys help me because I seriously can’t Twitter very well. I’ll leave all those links at the end so you can assess my social media skills. I mean how hard could it possibly be right?

That’s the end of the post and I hope you enjoyed listening to me go on and on about complete trash. I actually love making time to talk posts because they’re so unplanned and they feel as if I’m talking to you. Anyways I’ll see you guys soon with another post.

The Lonely Lion

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22 thoughts on “Time to Talk #2

  1. Your lion looks great! And I can actually relate with you on the exams thing, I could be stressed some times and other times I’m not which can be really confusing for me

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      1. Ok. good because when ideas previewing it, I felt like it didn’t look very good on computers but thanks for the feedback

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  2. Omg I totally relate with the whole exam thing. Usually I get really nervous about exams but this year I haven’t felt nervous AT ALL which is odd because I don’t feel particularly confident either. I had my first exam today and I didn’t get any nerves at all, it’s just felt like a totally normal day and doesn’t even feel like my exams have started. It’s really weird but I’m more anxious about not being nervous about exams than I actually am about the exams which probably doesn’t make any sense but ah well 😂

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    1. Trust me I’m exactly the same. I’ve got my French listening and biology extended writing and multi choice. Have you got any tomorrow?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yay! Same, I’m doing higher for both but in class we mainly do foundation papers and I always seem to drop one or two marks for silly things, haha. Did you do RS today?


    1. I mean are you doing a French writing exam or did you do it in coursework. Because I’m doing iGCSE French and we have to do a writing exam

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahh we did writing as coursework as well as speaking. We only have to do reading and listening exams. I guess we aren’t doing the same paper then 😦


      2. We’ll be doing the same paper. You’re just not doing a writing exam. You did French GCSE like I’m doing German. Coursework based

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