The Food Tag

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Whaddup Lions and welcome to my own creation: The Food Tag. If you don’t know yet my good friend Blank Space has already done this tag but I’m the one who had come up with the idea so technically it’s still my tag that I invented. Anyway the rules are the following:

1.Talk about food, a few ideas are: favourite(s), least favourite(s), how often you eat it and your favourite type e.g Italian, Chinese etc.
2. There are no more because who the hell wants to be restricted by stupid rules.

My favourites: I love food and the whole world and it’s dog knows this for a fact. I don’t have a favourite food hands down but it depends on the category and even in the category itself sometimes I have many foods that I love. So for example in the dessert category I love waffles and ice cream and that’s a straight up favourite. In terms of breakfast food my favourites are fried eggs and pancakes. I also love South Asian food as my parents were born and grew up there so I eat it quite often. Most of all above every single food on earth there is the mighty throne for Pizza, which if I really had to pick a favourite, it’d be pizza that edges it.

Least favourite: This is one of the easiest because it’s without question fruit in desserts. I hate fruit in desserts because fruit simply has no place in chocolate or cakes or in everything. They’re simply more suited on their own. I also hate fruit salad purely for the fact that it’s not even a real salad so it should stop trying to be something it’s not and just be a mixture of cut up fruit. I do like cruditรฉs however because they simply admit and accept that they’re raw chopped up vegetables and nothing more nothing less. But yeah I also don’t like eggplant and I can’t stand anything about it. It’s a nice shaped shade of purple but other than that all it’s good for is being an emoji that all fuckboys use while cha-cha sliding into all kinds of girl’s DMs.

How often do I eat food? Well I spend a lot of time eating and ideally because I’m always hungry I’d be eating in every waking moment but that’s not possible. But my answer is simply very often.

Favourite Takeaway food: If you have the right place then pizza because I thought previously that you couldn’t possibly f*** up on a pizza but it’s seriously been done before and it’s a thing, whether it’s a good thing is a completely different story. But also I love Chinese takeaways because I simply love how you can choose what type of noodles and what you want in your noodles (I know I’m strange) I also live for prawn crackers and the fortune cookies they occasionally send and best of all the free chopsticks you get and its so satisfying to eat with them. Straight up the only nudes I want sent to me are noodles.

Now I nominate the best Australian to ever grace the earth Ruby : I will also nominate anyone that wants to do this tag because food is a universal thing that shouldn’t be limited to anyone so that’s why it should be open to anyone.

I hope you enjoyed this tag let me know if you like the idea by simply telling me in the comments. Also let me know in the comments how you’re doing because I’m interested to know.

The Lonely Lion


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      1. We should honestly make a collab post on the fuckboy island. They would grow eggplants and make a theme park full of slides into caves of grizzly bears

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