Blogger Recognition Award

Whaddup Lions and welcome to the Blogger recognition award. I was nominated by my woman crush Wednesday Rubella (Ruby) to do this so I chose not to disappoint and give this a muddasuckin go.

The instructions for these shenanigans are the following

1. Write a post to show your award

2. Tag the blogger who nominated you

3. Write a brief story on how you started blogging

4. List two pieces of advice

5. Nominate 5 bloggers

Ok story time so I started blogging because I dreamed of having a double life like I’d seen these Disney films of people blogging while leading their normal life and I wanted in. I spend my days as the troubled teenager that leads a life of isolation but I also spend some time being The Lonely Lion: the Blogger who learns as he goes along while making friends along the way sounds like an amazing movie. Anyway I also started because I was suffering through a depression, where I didn’t look forward to anything and I lost all hope and confidence in everything and it was a dark time for me and so I started blogging to track my progress as I rebuild my life again and be strong. So instead of moping around and feeling sorry for myself I dragged myself into starting a blog because I originally started one waaaay long ago but I deleted it as I chickened out but ever since I’ve started to adopt a better philosophy of if you dream something or are scared of something then simply do it so that you can achieve a dream and you can feel good about yourself. I went into this never having read a blog post in my life so I’ve literally been learning as I go along, which links to the rebuilding process and stepping out of my comfort zone. So yeah that’s why I started blogging.

Now onto the advice.

Number one: be yourself: this is so important because there’s no point in being someone you’re not. For example you’re most likely asking that if I be myself nobody will follow me, well I’ve been nothing but myself and I’ve managed a couple followers #livingproof. It’s also necessary to be yourself as that would make your blog authentic and it’ll be easier as putting on a face can get tiring.

Number two: forget the numbers: this one I’ve suffered from falling into this trap because I used to always be so insecure about how people blogging for  the same amount of time as me having more followers but I needed to realise that I’m different from them and just because my blogging story doesn’t have a good beginning, doesn’t mean I should stop reading just before the good part. I know it always sits at the back of your mind and that’s uncontrollable, but what’s controllable is your positive response to those thoughts. Trust me you won’t get a hundreds of followers and thousands of views in the first month. These things straight up take time and effort, which you should be willing to put in because otherwise why are you even blogging?

I nominate the following:
hideaway girl
Blank Space
So that’s the end of the post I hope you enjoyed it and thanks again Ruby for nominating me you’re simply the best Australian there is. And this is ahead of Chris Hemsworth as well so this is an honour. Oh yeah before I go I got stuff to tell you. I have a Spotify account called “thelonelylion” go check it out and listen to music in the same way as me.  Anyway please leave suggestions for any future posts and I’ll see you guys later.

The Lonely Lion


8 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Aww thank you 🙂 never expected anyone to nominate me for something like that for saying things that are in my head. My phone sucks for service I’ll definitely finish reading this and write something up uber soon.


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