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Whaddup Lions so the other day I was doing something for school and I am proud of it so I simply want to share it with you. We’re all friends right? Good we should be. This post is gonna be long so grab a popcorn and be ready to stick around. But anyway here is a little piece of creative writing I wrote.

One day I was enjoying my Friday evening after school: Snacks in one hand, the TV remote in the other I searched for a film to watch and when I had finally completed the frustrating process of deciding what to watch I saw a menacing figure that was obstructing my view and I glanced up to the sight of my mother towering over me.

I started at her for a long three seconds head, to toe and back to her head again and I noticed she was dressed smarter than usual.

Suddenly the realisation hit me like a bus, it was my Aunt’s forty second birthday party…

I automatically felt my stomach sink like a ship.

I trudged upstairs unwillingly as if I were walking through mud. I didn’t want to go to see a person that I didn’t choose to be related to. Worst of all; all of my relatives were going to be there. I sat in the car, closed my eyes and mentally prepared for the worst.

I was dreading seeing my grandparents who always feel the need to swallow me whole with their wet, sludgy kisses despite my traumatized expression afterwards. The aunt that always comments on how I’ve lost weight, grown taller or both while complaining how she hasn’t seen me in a long time despite it only being two weeks ago. There is also that uncle who boasts about how his daughters get amazing marks at school and won the Nobel peace prize. Oh that paternal relative that always says I need a haircut even if I cut it the previous weekend. I won’t even get started on this crying babies I’m burdened with at each and every family gathering. I opened my eyes to see the grotesque house that my aunt had lived in that hadn’t been renovated since the 1960s.

My father rang the doorbell and I heard the sound of stiletto heels clacking and coming closer and closer. My aunt opened the door and exchanged pleasantries such as “I didn’t think you’d come” and “how are you”. I entered the house and saw yellow walls that were once white and cobwebs with many unfortunate flies stuck in them and the irony was: I felt like a fly in this colossal spiderweb of a house. I entered the dreaded lounge…

I saw nothing there except for my grandparents and a birthday cake emblazoned with the words “happy 42nd birthday”. I slowly crept towards my grandmother and cautiously hugged her until she told me that she wouldn’t kiss me because she realised I didn’t like it. (Finally she got the message). It turned out that very few actually came to the party due to various commitments. So we sat in front of the TV, watched a film and ate snacks, which was already what I planned to do at home! This was the first family gathering that I had strangely enjoyed. If there’s two things I learned from this celebration they were: I haven’t grown at all in the last couple of weeks and my hair was finally at a reasonable length.

The end…

So that was my piece of creative writing and I’m super grateful if you’ve stuck around till the end. Comment if you survived all the way to the end because that takes skill. Please give me feedback on this piece and also appreciate I don’t mean any offence to my family as I love them very much. Anyway have a great day and I’ll see you next time.

The Lonely Lion


7 thoughts on “Creative Writing

  1. I can relate to the dread of family gatherings. My aunts and uncles decided to have seven kids between them so that creates quite a few birthday obligations each year. I’m counting down the two years till I go to college and never have to go to another one again. 😛

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    1. Story of my life I’m using exams as an excuse not to go to family gatherings but when my exams are over I’ll have nothing to hide from

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