Do I Really have to Address This??



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Whaddup Lions and here is something that I never thought I’d have to address because I thought it was relatively self-explanatory, but this post is about viral videos. I’m personally all about viral videos for the most part like I’m down for some Damn Daniel any day of the week. but some people overstep the mark…

So i was scrolling through the news a few days ago and I found that a video of a girl being viciously attacked by a seagull or some kind of bird had gone viral and that’s bad as it is but when I found out that the little girl’s own sister had filmed the video, that’s what irked me little and gave me a burning desire to write a blogpost on it mostly to give my opinion and spread a message. Sure I only have 32 followers but still if this message can reach one single person, I’m good.

I’m writing about this because there’s been so many times where similar stuff has happened and nobody has done anything about it and I’m honestly sick of it. There’s been the R.I.P Amy stuff not so long ago and now this. The thing that irks me most is that people are more than willing to let people suffer just so that they can get a viral video, earn lots of money and be famous but my question is what for? every time this has happened there have  been people who have done nothing but use meaningless words to express how they feel. Take a second right this moment and think how many people have told others to step in and how many people have actually stepped in. The difference is rather alarming. Actions scream but words only whisper. Obviously I understand how if it’s in the moment you never know what to do but annoys me when people preach but don’t practice.

So now what I ask of you guys. If you’re reading this you are an open minded individual that wants to make your own mark on the world and be the best possible version of you. Is that correct? Then what I ask of you is if you ever see someone in trouble then simply consider help them. I know it’s hard to step in because of the natural instinct of self preservation but please consider helping or even better help and call someone out on what they’re doing. I know it sounds lame to say try help them but I’m not gonna give a motivational speech about a situation that I may not handle correctly myself. I never said I was perfect. What you shouldn’t do is stand by and record someone suffering in order to get more likes or more followers on social media because that’s jacked up.

That’s the end of my little addressing of an issue that will always affect us as long as social media stays as prominent as it is. Let me know in the comments any posts that you want to see because I’m down for suggestions. Please spread this message because it can save a lot I’m not even joking. Anyway also let me know what you think of the thumbnail.

The Lonely Lion


11 thoughts on “Do I Really have to Address This??

    1. Awwwwhh thanks. Has this post reached you and made you want to help? Because if so I’ve fulfilled my purpose for today


      1. Yaaayyy one person has taken notice. The purpose for this post’s work has officially been fulfilled. How do you feel being the completer of my purpose for this post?


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