Why I love Blogging?

Whaddup Lions and I know I’m kind of going back to the old mushy stuff that I said I’d try to avoid but I have a great post planned that I’m enjoying making and working incredibly hard on so for now I’ll tell you something that’s been in my mind since the shower today.

I love Blogging mainly because it allows me to be another person without pressure for example whenever I feel down or I feel inspired I can just be The Lonely Lion and get away from the real world to focus on the online world I’ve created for myself and then it’s all good again. I’m not saying that I’m a different person in real life I honestly try to be as similar in real life as I am behind the keyboard.

Another reason is because I’m known as my own person. For example in the real world there are many people who know my past mistakes and deepest regrets and it almost makes me feel like I’m defined by my past in a way, which is so not true as I am putting the past behind me and successfully too but not gonna lie when I figure of my past comes I always tend to avoid them is that normal?

My third reason is the lower expectations. I mean by this that you can write a post whenever you want wherever you want and you can still make it good. For example as you’re reading this I’m sitting on the toilet pooping and I spend about 70% of my blog writing time in my birthday suit I’m not even joking even though I really wish I was but oh well how good it feels to be shameless.

Reason four is the most important because it sounds kinda cliché but it’s the community on WordPress. Like everyone is so nice and they leave nice comments and the best feeling is waking up in the morning to see a lime or a comment and that’s what gets me going early in the day. On other platforms such as YouTube there are mostly nice and kind people in the comments but it depends on the creator in terms of where to find more hate for example on a vlog from the courgette king (please comment courgette or tell me if you get the reference) you’d see about one negative comment and that’s probably not that bad but on one of fouseytube’s vlogs you’d see lots of hate comments and people generally being nasty to each other with their petty fights but I’m honestly yet to see that on WordPress and I’m proud of that because I expected people to hate on me more times than I’ve been negatively commented on. It’s just genuinely a great place full of supportive people.

The final reason is because the internet is full of like minded people and it’s so easy to find someone who’s into the same kind of stuff as you so it’s like amazing. Imagine that you have a really jacked up sense of humour like me but there would be people reading your stuff who find you funny. It’s simply bomb.com.

That’s the end of the reasons why I love Blogging. This one was fun to make and I’ve been generally having lots of fun with my posts and I hope you guys share my enthusiasm. And yeah byeeeeeee.

The Lonely Lion


10 thoughts on “Why I love Blogging?

    1. Oh then commenting Zucchini is satisfying. I used to interchange them but ever since that video my heart has been set on courgette. And you have to say it correctly otherwise it’s as weak as my jokes

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I know how amazing it is to wake up to ‘limes’. We can make so many things with limes.
    Also, I get the reference.


      1. I’m not angry chill. When I saw that I made a spelling mistake I literally facepalmed


      2. Yeah, I don’t read what I’ve written until I’ve published it. I correct typos after I’ve published it and hope that no one has read it yet.


      3. I always do a quick proof read but I was excited to get the post out so o didn’t do it this time


  2. I’ve been blogging for a few months now and I can totally relate to what you’re feeling. As soon as you hit “publish” the possibilities are infinite. If you hit me with a follow I’ll reciprocate, I enjoyed the read but I’m trying to get exposure too,.


    1. I understand. I like your reviews of albums but I can’t follow you right now because the app on my phone is playing up when I go to your blog so when I get to a computer I’ll follow


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