April 2016: progress report

If you guys are wondering what the hell is this then my answer is its a post that is kind of made for me to track my progress in rebuilding my life. I’m mainly making these for my own benefit so I doubt that you guys would want to read this but I’m posting it anyway. So how this works is I write a letter at the end of every month to my end of next month self and then write a reply to April and a message to June and so on an then I compare the letters, it’ll make sense when it happens.

Dear 🦁 of May 2016,

So April was your first one of these that you’ve ever done and it was a very good idea because it shows you’re making a record of you rebuilding your own life and seeing what progress you’re actually making.

In April has been a very stressful month because of those exams that I never stop talking about (sorry I’ll try to stop mentioning them). But also there’s been problems with what you’re going to do next year and by may I hope you’ve cleared them up and you’re still working hard for the exams that remain at the end of may. On Wednesday I have the biology, which I’m a little concerned about but please tell me how that went and if I’m not stressing out about everything.

Right now I’ve been feeling sad quite a lot because I feel neglected by people that I enjoy talking to and I feel as if I’ve been replaced by other people and its upsetting me because not gonna lie 🦁 Of May I feel so alone right now and I’m suffering in silence from all this stress and I feel myself slowly cracking and falling apart but I’m genuinely fighting hard to stay positive but I’m scared that my rational side will get overpowered over time and I’ll slip back into bad habits. I’ve already gone back to my ways of drinking lots of caffeine and I don’t like it but I’m using it to stay awake while I revise so I can do more work. It doesn’t sound very reasonable but at the moment I feel as if not to make any big decisions until after the exams where I’m not stressed. I know by the end of May there will still be exams but I hope it’s not as stressful as it is now.

So 🦁 that’s all I’ve got to say for now. I hope that your reply is more positive than this one and hopefully your road to rebuilding your life starts going up and remember this. You are not inferior to anyone, stay true to yourself and follow the insightful advice you like to give.

Peace out bitch,
🦁 of April

Now that first report is done I hope you got more of an insight to my internal thoughts and feelings. Please tell me if you enjoyed reading this because if not I can do my progress reports and keep them to myself. Bye.

The Lonely Lion


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