Time to Talk #1

Whaddup Lions and sorry that I haven’t posted in what feels like ages I’ve been going through a really bad time recently and I just haven’t known what to do, what to think and who to trust so I’m literally gonna write this barely correcting anything unless autocorrect does it for me so yeah let’s get started.

Oh yeah I said I would explain ages ago what the kingdom is for those of you who have no clue what I’m talking about I made a post on my favourite quotes and one of them went along the lines of you got the keys to your kingdom so open the gates and rule anyway I’ll try explain it now apologies if I can’t explain for my life just cut me some slack. Basically the kingdom is the one place in the back of your mind where you’re in charge and you’re free to do whatever you want. The kingdom is also the place where you’re the king/queen and all your dreams are true. So for example in my kingdom there are lots of skittles and pizza and I have that empire of animals (if you’ve been reading since near the start  you’d know what I’m talking about). In my kingdom I’d be an inspiration to many because of my ability to boost people’s egos and to generally inspire them to be the best version of them and carve out their own amazing life. This relates to my quote because having the kingdom in your mind is all well and good but going out and trying to make the kingdom as much a reality as possible is all down to you. So yeah that’s my explanation. I might even make a kingdom tag but nobody would actually do it except for me but let me know in the comments if I should make this and I could make a little something.

But yeah what else should I talk about? AHA I know! So basically my school have started selling tickets to prom and I refuse to go because it involves being in the same room as a group of people in which most hate me so what’s the actual point? I also don’t want to go to prom as it involves having to wear a shit and you guys know I simply don’t wear suits because they suck A$$. The only reason why I would go is because free food but tickets cost £25 and therefore that means no free food is going down. Most people think I’m crazy for not going to prom because “I’ll regret it” or “it’ll be fun” but am I crazy because parties, crowded rooms and loud areas don’t sit well with me and give me anxiety so why would I go? Now that I’ve argued my case you may roast me like Christmas Turkey in the comments for not going to prom.

Should I end the post here? I don’t know what else to say to you guys because I’m mainly writing what crap comes to my head and I can’t think of much crap. In fact scratch that I thought of something: so I’ve noticed recently that the posts that I really enjoy making and feel mega proud of, don’t do as well as the posts that I don’t enjoy making as much. Don’t get me wrong I still love posting like there’s a few examples of posts that I loved to make but didn’t do very well and you guys didn’t like them. For example I LOVED making my how to be single post and not many of you responded to it as well as I thought you would, also make a change didn’t do as well as I wanted it to. I’m not being ungrateful at all I’m just saying do you guys get this too on your blogs. Please let me know. Like I’m making this and it’s so much fun but I’m not sure that you guys will like it.

Should I end the post there because I’m out of crap to say for once in my life. Yeah I’m all crapped out. Thanks for reading this it was so much fun to do and please let me know if you’d like more time to talk posts and do leave comments on suggestions for posts, or whatever I’ve told you to comment on in this post as always like, follow and always spread the love.

The Lonely Lion


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