Q&A #1- day as a high school kid

Whaddup Lions and welcome to my first Q&A after almost four months of blogging. Oh yeah I have news for you guys. Today was my French oral, which was my first GCSE exam and it went super well so I’m in a great mood. This Q&A has been on the cards for a long time and I finally feel as if I have questions to answer so let’s get into your questions. Disclaimer I know I only have four questions but I always answer in very great detail so it’ll make up for the lack of questions that I’m still really grateful for.

Question one: Summer or Winter weather?
This is one of the most easy ones to answer because I simply have to say winter all the way because the feeling of being cold is better than the feeling of sweating like mad. Also I love hot chocolate. However during the times where it’s meant to be hot and sunny for England’s standards and it decides to be cold, only then do I not like cold weather as I’m expecting warmth but I get cold. It’s like when I order a pizza I want it hot steamy and amazing but if it comes cold you’re gonna get an angry Lion to deal with.

Question Two: If you could leave tomorrow where in the world would you go?
Ughhh travel questions are so hard to answer because I simply want to go everywhere… but I have no idea if this means permanently to live or to go on a vacation. I’ll answer both: My plan as unrealistic as it sounds is to travel the whole world starting somewhere like Australia and ending up all the way in South America by the time I’m done. Then going home and crying because I hate England. When it comes to living I’d go to Switzerland  because I simply love the country with all its mountains and chocolate. Switzerland just edges out places like Australia or the US because I can’t function with spiders everyday and I like my free UK healthcare.

Question Three: how and why did you start blogging?
This is a whole post in itself and I’ll set aside time for a post on this but long story short I’ve dreamt of doing something on the internet for a long time and I’ve had many times where I’ve made a step forward but stepped straight back because I was scared and didn’t want to leave my comfort zone. As you may know I’m recovering from a depression and at the time that I started I needed something to express my feelings without giving myself away too much so I chose blogging because I thought if I could make someome happy with my writing that I post then I could make myself happy and recover and it’s working and I’m working on staying away from depressive thoughts.

Question Four: what does a day in the life of typical high school student look like and what struggles do you face?
A real teacher actually asked me this so I was really looking forward to answering this one. So starting with a typical day: I wake up in the morning and thank God for giving me more time to leave my mark and decide to try and be great today. Then after breakfast and stuff I get to school and think about how long it’ll be until I don’t have to see those people again. This is because I don’t like the majority of people in school and I’m the definition of a pariah.  In terms of the cliques there I’m part of the clique that are called the social outcasts. They’re known for not really caring for friendship groups and cliques in school but the outcasts aren’t really friends because we’re sceptical of people motives and we trust nobody, I also don’t feel the need for friends because I prefer to have a smaller circles of true friends that give me more  priority. In terms of style it’s not much of a problem as I’m British and in Britain there’s a crappy school uniform, which I HATE so we don’t have this problem. However on days where we can wear our own clothes it does play on my mind what to wear because of the obvious fear of being laughed at but I ignore it because I’m me they’re them and that will never change. I feel like I’m not well placed to answer this because I’m not a typical person of my age as I don’t go to parties as I don’t get invited and even if I were invited I wouldn’t go because as an introvert a party is a nightmare and I also don’t have a best friend, don’t get out of the house in comparison to others so I feel this isn’t a good enough answer but at least you know how the minority are.

That’s the end of my first ever my Q&A and I hope you feel like you guys know me better. Thanks so much for the questions and please leave any more questions you have that I can answer for you in future posts. As always please like, comment, follow and spread the love. Goodbye.

The Lonely Lion
Instagram Snap: humz4_hu55a1n


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