I love me

I love myself… *95% if you suddenly press unfollow*. WOAH HOLD UP DON’T UNFOLLOW YET JUST LET ME EXPLAIN.

Sorry about that intro I just thought it was fitting. So as you can tell by today’s title this post is about the importance of loving yourself, which people often confuse with being self absorbed, arrogant and so on but loving yourself is one of the most important things in life and here’s why.

It’s important to love yourself because people who you believe complete you and love you can easily go in and out if your life kinda like the hokey cokey. However you’re the only constant there is do you’re kinda stuck with yourself so you gotta learn to deal with your own presence.

“Ummm… 🦁, there’s a teeny tiny problem: how do I exactly do this self love stuff you’re talking about”? I’m glad you asked because now I’ll tell you. It may seem difficult on paper but trust me it’s easier than you think and here are the steps to loving yourself

Step one is knowing what you’re worth. This is important because you gotta know that nobody can walk all over you and get away with it you’re worth more than that. Knowing what you’re worth was pretty difficult for me and it’s hard not to give yourself self entitlement while you’re recognising what you’re worth. Now how you actually do it comes with time and you just gotta reassure yourself that you deserve the best until you believe it and start acting on it.

Step two is putting the past behind you. This is the most difficult because the past can’t be changed and of course you’re gonna remember that dumb thing you did five years ago or that lie you told and that friendship that broke down. But this is important because you’re always gonna remind yourself of the past, that’s unavoidable but what you associate the past with is down to you. Don’t get this confused with forgetting all memories good and bad. It’s good to keep good times in the back of your mind but it’s bad to let the past take over your future.

Step three is an extension to step two and this is start living in the present and thinking of benefits in the future in terms of dreams and work towards them. For example it’s been a dream of mine to do something internet related for about three or four years and now I’m currently writing this for you know and the future dreams are more private so I won’t be telling you them sorry but not sorry. There’s a quote about living in the present and it is “some people want it all right now, but it’s about putting your all into right now” this can be put into practice with blogging because I won’t lie to you instead of being happy for people hitting certain milestones, I get more envious and this leads me to think that I’m doing something wrong, which leads to me wanting to stop blogging and that just ruins my day so don’t think I’ve got this figured out, I’m working hard to stop being jealous and comparing myself to others. Anyway that went off topic…

Step four is becoming your own best friend. This may seem like a loner’s way of saying I don’t have any friends but being your best friend is so important because for everyone: the most important relationship truly worth fighting for is the relationship with yourself. How could you expect anyone to want you romantically or not if you don’t even like yourself? You can’t build an entire kingdom when you’re just an incomplete castle (OMG that’s the best quote I’ve ever invented someone needs to make a poster out of that). You can become your own best friend by doing what a friend does to yourself I’ll give an example when you’ve made a mistake or are struggling you normally go to a friend for help right? Use yourself to help you as sad as that sounds. When you’ve failed you won’t always have someone to pick you up so you gotta be the one to tell yourself not to be so hard on yourself and to give yourself a motivational speech. I warn you becoming your own best friend is an ongoing process and won’t happen easily I’m still in the process of it.

Thanks for reading that post self love is something that’s always neglected so please share this post with someone that needs it because trust me there’s always one. As always feel free to leave questions, like, comment and follow and all those shenanigans and I’ll see you guys next time.

The Lonely Lion


5 thoughts on “I love me

  1. both knowing your self-worth and leaving the past behind are oh so important points you made – i am still working on those!

    i love this post! ❤


  2. ^^^oh and be proud of loving yourself! don’t apologize – people often confuse conceitedness and self-love.


    1. Exactly! It’s great to see that you understand and thanks so much for your comment. Also I’m doing a Q&A soon do you have any questions?


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