Cursing. Good or Bad?

Namaste bitches and here’s a warm welcome to a contemplation over whether cursing (yes I’m British and I say to curse not to swear) is a bad thing or not and as always I give my ever so amazing opinion, which is always right (that’s still my opinion). Jokes aside for now cursing is one of the weirdest topics out there because so many people have a crap ton of opinions about cursing and ideally I’ll give mine in this post and then you’ll give yours in the comments.

So I’m gonna jump straight into my opinion on cursing and for me it’s a perfectly normal way to express yourself and I respect people who do it. I think we’re in a society where cursing is considered unprofessional and associated with people considered lower on the social ladder in life and I don’t agree. We’ve been overly sensitised to cursing to the extent where when someone uses a word considered a curse word in the right context then it’s frowned upon. For example if someone says calls an actual female dog a bitch then they’d face the ultimate backlash for it but a female dog is actually a bitch so what’s your problem if someone uses a word in the right context.

Some people say that all forms of bad language online is terrible and repels readers but I really REALLY don’t give a crap. Sure it may be the reason why I have about 23 followers but I’d rather be myself and have no followers than be fake and have a million. Like the language I use on my blog is what I use in real life during daily conversations. I honestly very rarely drop the F-bomb and I say shit occasionally in real life but I mostly swear to myself just for recreational purposes. Let me know what you guys think of my language choices are they bad or could you really not care less?

That’s the end of my swearing post and please like if you enjoyed. Please let me your thoughts on cursing, my language choices or questions for my Q&A that I plan on writing and I’ll see you guys later.

The Lonely Lion


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