How to impress Teachers

What’s going on everyone and what are you up to today I’m interested to know: I’m currently hiding from guests and writing a post so nothing new. Now that my life story is over today I will tell you how you can suck up to teachers and make them like you because this is a skill that I specialise in. Without further rambling let’s get busy.

Step one: Smile at them.
This is the most basic step because it doesn’t cost a thing to smile for example if you see a certain teacher in the hallway simply acknowledge their presence with a smile because smiles are contagious. Have you ever not smiled when someone else smiled? The answer is hell to the no so just smile at them and if they smile back then you’ve succeeded. Oh I forgot a disclaimer some teachers would naturally hate you so only use the smiling technique on the nicer non shower bag teachers.

Step two: Is to simply crank up step one and maybe say hi or something when you see a teacher in the hallway so it’s nothing too interesting.

Step three: make your books colourful
This one is mega important because a teacher marks hundreds of book filled with black ink with no character in them so jazzing up your book would make things so much easier to mark and stuff. Here is an example of an average page in my exercise book.


In’t that just crying out for a marking. Plus don’t judge my handwriting I know it sucks. Comment below what you can read.

Step four is one of the hardest and this is to put your hand up during lessons and ask questions. This is a complete no brainer but really difficult because sometimes you feel like you’re gonna get it wrong and everyone will laugh at you but your teacher will admire the fact that you tried and will like you so it’s a win win.

Step five is an extension from step four and it is get organised. For example I have so many folders for lessons where I keep all my stuff and I never lose stuff because of it. The teacher will ask if you have that worksheet you did months ago and you’ll be the only one that hasn’t lost it and the teacher will love you and try to adopt you.

Step six is asking the teacher whenever you’re stuck or don’t understand something because teachers are specially trained to help you and they want you to do well despite what it may feel like. Just going to a teacher in your own time saying like “I never understood what a carbon isotope is, can you please help me”? Would make them happy because they usually expect teenagers not to be willing to give up their lunch or break time to learn stuff so the fact that you’re doing this would not only help them but you also.

Finally step seven is the icing on the cake, the grand finale. It’s talking about the subject outside of lessons this is the one that always works no matter what teacher because if you heard somebody talking about your favourite TV show then you’ll love that person or like them more because they like the same things as you and this also applies to teachers. For example in the case of impressing your English teacher talk about a Shakespeare play or whatever book you’re studying with a friend and make sure you do it when they walk past because then they’ll be impressed. This step may seem a little dishonest but as a person who can’t lie I only talk about things I’m actually interested in because I’m brutally honest and that’s a good thing in my opinion.

And that’s the end of the steps and now I’ll tell you why I mainly wrote this. I’m not explaining myself to avoid the backlash and hate I’ll possibly get for being manipulative and whatnot. I don’t care about that at all because firstly it’s my blog and I post what I want and there’s nothing that can be said to me that’ll hurt me because I’ve heard it all I am unbreakable in this respect. But with exams this year I’ve needed all the help I could get from the teachers and being on good terms with them always helps. Some in fact most of these tips will benefit you in the long term for example getting organised would help you always know where that important sheet is and the only way you’ll truly learn in actively taking part in lessons and answering questions because if you get it wrong you’ll get corrected in the end and you’ll get it right next time and at the end of everything if you’re worried about what anyone else would say about your mistake I tell you this: you’ll get your education and they’ll get theirs but the way it happens will be  different you’ll all make different mistakes and take different paths but the finish line is in one place. Being on good terms with your teachers is also important because last year there was a day where my depression and anxiety were getting worse and I went through a messy break up and I was crying on that day. The teacher asked me if I was ok and that I could always talk to them if there was ever a problem and that proves impressing them and bring on good terms with them is a benefit. But yeah if you still think after that explanation that I only suck up to teachers for my short term benefit then you clearly have mincemeat for brains.

Well that post went on far too long and it was so much fun to make and it took me all day to write so I hope you guys enjoyed it. Please try to implement some of these for your own benefit I encourage it. Also I’m kinda maybe considering doing a Q&A because I hit 500 views recently which blows my mind completely like who actually likes reading crap that I put on the internet because I’m bored. As always please like,comment,follow and spread the love.

The Lonely Lion

22 thoughts on “How to impress Teachers

  1. Being a teacher all of that doesn’t necessarily impress me. What it does is make me feel that you are taking an active role in your education and are willing to try at what I am teaching. I more often then not give students an option for re-takes on tests if they do the things you are saying to do. It isn’t because I like them or I’m impressed by them but that I know they are actually trying. I have two favorite students, even though I shouldn’t, one does what you say to do and the other doesn’t I would still ask both of them if they were ok if I noticed something wrong. Also, as a side note most of the time if we are just passing by we aren’t really paying attention to what you are talking about we are probably trying to figure out how to fit the million things we need to get done into a short period of time haha Great post and incite into your thinking


      1. Oh, no I think you took this the wrong way. I knew you were just giving a student’s perspective and you didn’t offend me at all. I was just giving you a teachers perspective of everything. I was just trying to say it doesn’t really impress us because what it really does is make us think you actually care about your education and what to try which in turn makes us want to help you more and give you more opportunities. Sorry if you thought I was offended or that was an angry comment.


      2. I’m not really sure I guess I’ve been wondering what it is like for someone to be going through high school now compared to when I was in high school. But, I’m not sure if you would be able to answer that.


      3. I can try to answer it but I don’t think I’d get a very accurate answer. Do you have anything else that’s more answerable for me?


  2. I absolutely loved this post!!! XD And psh…not because I have a crush on my science teacher or anything, nu uh! 😛 And yeah, as you said, it is very important to be in good terms with your teachers, I have friends who aren’t in good terms with all their teachers and that can be really bad!! Glad that’s not my case!!!
    P.S. I love you’re blog, it’s so entertaining and you’re really funny!!!! XD XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pfft crush on a science teacher. It’s not as if you want to practice biology on him/her or anything. Fun fact actually a real teacher read this and called me out on everything. Thank you so much but after today’s post that I literally posted now you’ll think the opposite

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah dude, crushing on a teacher is like the worst! And nope, at all!!! And really? A teacher read it? hehe
        No problem and huh, I’m curious, I’m gonna check that post!!! XD XD

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh that wasn’t complete. My cousin clicked send with his leg (had to blame someone😶) .
    Anyway, I was saying your hand writing is… Ahem…. But on the positive side, I can actually read all you wrote that was clear .
    Oh… And I liked the post. You are definitely good with the advises.
    Might contact you know of these days😏

    Liked by 1 person

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