My favourite quotes

Whaddup friends how the hell are you today and in this post I will tell you my favourite quotes that I live by and/or have invented myself because I want to be quoted and referred to as it makes me feel as if I’m part of people everyday language if that makes sense now onto quotes that will hopefully make more sense.

“Happiness is a choice not a commodity”- if you’ve been here for a while you’d know this is my favourite quote not only because it was invented by yours truly but also because realising  that happiness is a choice makes everything so much easier because that realisation is often the thing that begins to drag out out of bad times.

“Band aids don’t fix bullet holes”- I know this is a song lyric but I’m quoting from a song which by default makes it a quote so deal with it. Anyway I like this quote because I interpret it as when you hurt someone deeply, just a sorry won’t do it and you should use more actions to make up for it because anybody can say a five letter word and look as if they mean it.

” never let the world take your smile ” – This one is really touching because in the past I’ve let the world take my smile and now I realise it’s wrong. If you always keep this at the back of your mind then you can go places. This quote was my main inspiration for my post about reasons to smile, which you guys absolutely loved and gave me so many kind comments and it made me smile so the purpose of making that was fulfilled so thanks for that.

“You got the keys to your kingdom so open the gates and rule”

This one was also invented by myself and it was the basis of one of my reasons to smile which was you’re the king/queen of your own world or something like that but now I’ll expand on it. The kingdom is the place in your mind where you’ve achieved all your dreams, I’ll expand on the kingdom more in another post but the main thing is you have the choice to follow your dreams but it’s just you that’s not choosing to open the gates and go into the kingdom that you’re in charge of. If that made any sense at all.

That’s the end of my post on quotes, which was a lot of fun to make and its great sharing some of my mantras with you. As always feel free to comment if you want a part two or if you’re gonna start quoting me because that’ll be awesome. As always please like and follow if you want to see/read more of me and I’ll see you later bye bye.

The Lonely Lion



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      1. I know. She would slay at everything even if she stood on a spot for an hour, it’ll be amazing


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