10 Reasons to Smile

Hey Smileys and welcome to reasons why you should smile. This is a very important post to make as some people simply don’t smile as much as they should and that sucks so I believe I should give you reasons to smile and if you smile during this post leave a comment saying I smiled. So enough of that and leggo!

1. You are privileged enough to have the ability to see my posts because of WiFi, which isn’t readily available in some countries

2. You’re privileged enough to be able to eat what you want whenever you want

3. Someone cares about you. I know it may seem like the world is against you but somewhere in this world is someone that cares deeply for you you probably don’t know their name of where they are but trust me. They’re there

4. I care about you is reason in itself

5. You have a loving family

6. You have access to a good education I know school feels like it sucks but it could be a lot worse if you think about it

7. You have so many talents you don’t know of.

8. Somebody finds you hot but they just aren’t telling you

9. You’re the king/queen of your own world: you make the rules and choose who’s allowed in.

10. It makes you hotter than you already are: says the person with resting bitch face but if you think about it whats more attractive? A resting bitch face or a welcoming smile.

11. Because I just exceeded expectations

That’s the end of my post about smiling. Smiling doesn’t stop with you always feel free to make others smile because then they’ll feel better and you can live with the knowledge that you made someone smile. As always feel free to like, comment if I made you smile today and follow if you haven’t already and never lose your magical smile.

Lonely Lion

16 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Smile

    1. You’re welcome sir you know I’m all about that positive vibes: and don’t say that because you’re the main reason why the weather has become hotter. I can imagine people getting hot and bothered from the mere thought of you. Did you smile during this post?

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