Travel goals

Hello my lovelys and welcome to my travel goals. Unless you’re living under a rock you’d know that travelling is literally one of my favourite things in the world and there are so many places that I want to go to I have a subscription to a travel magazine so this list will always get additions. So over the last couple years I’ve been to so many places including: Rome twice, Stuttgart, Barcelona and Amsterdam, which were all totally amazing so here’s a few countries I want to go to and why?

Switzerland: This doesn’t exactly count because I’ve already been there but I loved the country so much that I want to go back and I would probably live there because it’s so pretty. Here’s my first sight when I got into Switzerland.


When I was there, I went to the Jungfrau region but it was summer so the mountains weren’t very snowy and I want to go back in winter so I can be cold mainly but see snowy mountains and take lots of pictures and enjoy stuff.

Caribbean Islands: I may not like hot weather but I’ve always wanted to go somewhere like Jamaica or like in that sort of region because in my magazine it looks so awesome with all the beaches and stuff. Most of all the Caribbean accent is one of my favourites and the accent is always a massive make or break for me when it comes to places.

Australia: I’ve always had a complicated relationship with Australia because on one hand there’s a country which looks amazing, the people there have hot accents and they have cute animals. On the other hand there’s poisonous spiders and spiders are one of my biggest fears. However I have arranged protection from spiders in a fellow blogger so now the problem is solved.

Canada: previously in my lifetime I thought Canada was just that large thing on top of the USA but recently I’ve actually learned. “Wow this Canada place is schamazing”. I just want to go there because I hear people are friendly there and the winters are really cold and as you know I love my snow. Also it has mooses! What more do you need.

Spain: This is a similar situation to Switzerland I’ve already been there but I loved it so much there that I want to go back. I loved how friendly everyone was and how safe it felt at night because in most places I feel unsafe at night but because in Spain people tend to eat dinner at 9pm and 9 for me is late enough. Here is a picture of Barcelona.


That’s the end of this post people’s and I hope you enjoyed it. As always please like, comment, follow and spread the love.

The Lonely Lion


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