Types of Teachers

Whaddup everyone,

Today I will be talking about one of the more annoying people in my life and these are teachers. I personally find teachers infuriating becuase I don’t like the concept of people telling me what to do it’s not my thing and I don’t need people threatening me if I don’t read chapter 6 or fill in a useless worksheet… *pause*
Do your homework kids!

Number one: Awkward Annie
With these types of teachers I always have one teacher in my mind who I won’t name because apparently you shouldn’t name teachers. This is always the teacher who you probably had way back in year 7 but still starts a conversation with you whenever she sees you. I get it they’re trying to be friendly like the awkward Annie I’m talking about liked me when I had her she even addresses me as “darling” I know she means well and is trying to be friendly. However all of our interactions are just so awkward that they make me want to crawl into a corner and rot. I don’t know if it’s just me being awkward as a person but whenever I talk to Annie it just feels plain wrong.

Number two: Ancient Alfred
This is the one that is SUPER old and was probably a great teacher…in the stone age. Seriously this is the teacher that has no idea how the projector works, no clue where anything is in the classroom and whenever you give them homework you may as well say goodbye to it because they always happen to lose your homework or exercise book in the worst of cases. Ancient Alfred also uses language from their time so they won’t quite understand how they simply can’t use some words these days. I’ll give you an example: in one of those peer marking lessons (which were a waste of time) we had to pick someone to swap work with and there was an odd number so someone puts their hand up and says what should we do if we don’t have someone to work with. His reply was and I quote “go in a threesome” and by this point the class all starting dying of laughter Alfred stands there asking “what’s going on a threesome is a perfectly good word for three people” umm yeah Alfred it is a perfectly good word for three people DOING THE NASTY!!!

Number Three: Clueless Colin
This guy is the worst because he just has no clue of what’s going on and there’s a Clueless Colin that I’m dealing with right now and I have many stories of him. For example once we had a lesson and he was really late so one of the nerds went to go see where he was yeah perfectly normal… HE WAS ASLEEP IN THE STAFF ROOM. Another one was when our real teacher came back from her maternity leave she asked him what he taught us in relation to the scheme of work. And his response was “oh I wasn’t following the scheme of work”. By this point I wanted to go Rambo all over him because I think he’s actually trying to eff up our education and I’ll stop before it gets X rated

Numero cuatro: That Language teacher

This is the most annoying and mortifying for me because whenever I have to get something from his classroom he always makes me talk in a different language and its just mortifying. I have a fear of this teacher because their interactions are so weird I get it you’re helping me practice the language but not now please I’m not French so leave me alone. I just asked for paper and now you’re up in here making me look bad like so go stick your pourquoi where the sun don’t shine.

I hope you enjoyed my types of teachers and it was really fun to make. Let me know if you’d like part 2 because this stuff is real fun and also tell me if I missed any out. As always like, follow, comment and spread the love.

The Lonely Lion


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