Pet Peeves in People

Whaddup Rodents,

I’ve been inspired recently to post whatever the hell I want to post because not gonna lie to you I’ve been breaking my rule of only posting my best work and now that I began to go down the wrong route I started to consider stopping this blog shenanigans but it still makes me happy and I enjoy it so why in the name of T-Swizzle would I stop. Why am I rambling I should just get down to business.

Pet Peeve in people number one is bad eaters. I mentioned this in my TMI tag but now I’ll elaborate. The reason why I hate these people is that they chew with their mouth open so you can see what they’re eating when it’s mashed up in their mouth and at the same time they’re trying to talk to you and sounding like the hulk. I’ll be honest I’d rather spend the day with Kanye West than watch you eat as if you haven’t seen food before.

Pet Peeve numero dos Is annoying laughs. This one ticks me off a lot because I like to entertain people and make them laugh but that’s proved impossible by people with annoying laughs. I make a joke and then suddenly I hear a llama giving birth. So I turn around and I see it’s just that annoying person laughing. I may as well be boring because I don’t want to hear that person laugh. There’s been times in my life where a relative with an annoying laugh comes over while I’m napping and the sound of their annoying laugh as the first thing i hear upon waking up is just like finding out you have biology.

Pet Peeve nummer drei: Space Invaders. This is mainly a boy thing but in a public bathroom (which stresses me out as it is). There are weird bathtubs called urinals in the men’s bathroom and I personally hate those things because you can get people who don’t respect the unspoken rule of NEVER EVER standing next to someone while they urinate. These people are the worst because they simply don’t appreciate personal space like I’m having a piss up in here and you’re all in my bubble and you’re stressing me out. Just channel your inner Donald Trump and build a wall between us so you can’t be near me while I do my business in the urination station.

So that was the end of the post I hope you enjoyed my return to posting what I want. As always please like,comment,follow and spread the love. Arrivederci!

The Lonely Lion


20 thoughts on “Pet Peeves in People

      1. Before it got to a stage where I felt like I couldn’t post what I wanted to post and I didn’t like that


      2. Yeah very true, I think my blog has lost its way a little. Need some harsh feedback so I can move on xx


      3. Just leave everything bad in the past behind you and focus on posting what makes you happy. So many people will miss you if you stop

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Keep on blogging and don’t let anything hold you back at all because if you don’t let stuff hold you back you’ll be able to take over the world in your own way

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Your blog is great.. as far as I can see you are going places! I just started.. I have not posted much at all on my blog but I have loads of articles I’d like to write stuffed in my journal next to me. My plan is to start page by page and blog my thoughts on anything and everything. My main point of my blog is really to explain to people why they don’t need a “plan” in life and how they can live by the day and still stay organized. I don’t doubt my blog will turn into a little of everything over time. Please stop by..I plan to have my first post up by tomorrow & I’ll be looking for feedback.


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