The Happiness Tag

Hey you! I was tagged to do this tag by my amazing and lovely friend Ruby (at least I think she’s my friend). So thanks so much for the tag and I’ll try to do you proud and do this as well as you did. The rules for this tag are as follows.

List 5 things that make you happy
List 5 songs that make you happy
Nominate 5 people to do this tag
If possible please smile while doing the tag too ☺

So here are my five:
1. Blogging- I thought I’d get the cheesiness out of the way but seriously blogging makes me happy because it gives me an outlet to express how I feel about things and it gave me an opportunity to try and make friends, which I’m very thankful for. I get even happier whenever I get to interact with you guys in the comments because it makes me feel as if I have friends and as a person with literally no real life friends not feeling lonely is great when the feeling of isolation kicks in.

2. Eating food when I’m hangry or hungry because food is bae.

3. Hugging people: I love hugging people because it’s really fun and comforting but I don’t like to show my emotions to people so I tend to come off as rude and antisocial when really I’m like a needy puppy that wants to be cuddled.

4. When stupid people suffer: this may alarm you slightly but as a regular teenager who goes to school I’ve had my fair share of bullying in the past and regular interactions with people I hate so seeing something bad happening to them gives me a feeling of satisfaction. Sorry I had to get my sadistic streak out of the way.

5. When someone asks if I’m OK: I love it when people do this because as a person I’m very high maintenance. I can go from happy to sad in a fraction of a second and when someone asks me if I’m ok and if I want to talk, it makes me happy because it makes me feel like they care and it’s just amazing.

Five songs that make me happy:
1. I’ll make a man out of you- Mulan: This is always the song that  drives me to do things that scare me or are outside of my comfort zone.

2. Championship Mode- D-FLO: This is the song that also drives me to do things and it reminds me of the values that I’m starting to adopt which is to not let anything hold you back in terms of achieving your goals

3. A whole new world- Aladdin: yes there’s a little theme Disney songs make me generally happy because it takes me back to when I was younger and the song generally makes me want to go travel somewhere.

4. In Summer- Frozen: I promise this is the last Disney song on the list. This song makes me happy because Olaf simply just doesn’t realise he’ll melt in summer he even replaces puddle with happy snowman and I just love that song.

5. What do you Mean?- Justin Bieber: I love this song because it reminds me of how unspecific, confusing and indecisive my mum is. For example she tells me to wash the dishes and then she says take the bin out and then she tells me to tidy my room and my thoughts basically quote the song because I don’t know what she wants me to do.

The five that I nominate are
1. You
3. Person
4. Reading
5. This

That was the end of my happiness tag and it was a fun one to make. I love being tagged to be honest it makes me feel happy and loved and all that mushy stuff. As always please like,comment,follow and spread the love.

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Lonely Lion


8 thoughts on “The Happiness Tag

      1. I found you on Community Pool. Comments are closed, but I decided to visit blogs any way. Like to like and Comment,

        Yours is first stop today.

        I read a number of your posts.

        I find you witty.

        I like that you use the word: Positive, in your blog title.

        I liked your answers in the Happiness tag post, so decided to reply there.

        My apologies for confusing you.


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