Tips for Oral exams

Whaddup Lions and welcome to my tips on speaking exams. Some of you like myself may have their exams soon and there’s a possibility that you may be doing a language such as French, which will be my example for this post. Personally I’ve always had issues with nerves in speaking exams and here are some of the things I do to help me.

The first thing I do is prepare in advance. What I mean by this is mentally prepare for what’s about to happen. The thing that most people get wrong about this step is they tell themselves they’re about to spontaneously combust and they won’t remember a thing. The bad thing with that is you’re telling yourself you’re about to fail and that scares you failing because you start to believe the negativity. The way to not think negatively is think (or tell yourself out loud whichever works). I’m gonna go in there I’m gonna breathe in and out and I’ll prove that I’m secretly French and then do an action that implies being about to do something this could be a clap or a twerk or do what I personally do is just say “OK BITCH LEGGO”.

The other thing I do takes place during the exam is take the piss out of the accent like genuinely milking it within the reason of being understandable and clear. This is important because it integrates fun into your exam and you can just focus on doing the best stereotypical French accent possible. I kid you not I tried it once and it took all my nerves away and I actually had fun and got 41 out of 45 on it so an A*. So try it in front of the mirror or something and thank me later.

Thanks for reading this post and all because of you guys I’m nearly on 20 followers. Oh hold up let me put this into context almost 20 random people around the world actually care about what I have to say and read the crap that I post online when I’m bored like how the hell did this happen. I know it may not seem like a lot but for me its weird. Thank you so so much for your comments and likes and clicking the follow button. As always please leave a like if you enjoyed, even more comments that I love replying to because it makes me feel like I have friends and follow if you want to read more crap that I post and more importantly spread the love to someone that needs it. Ciao Bella.

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