What we can learn from Papaw

Whats cracking Alkanes,

Sorry my chemistry revision has been getting on top of me recently ( NO NOT IN THAT WAY, I SEE YOU LAUGHING IMMATURE BITCH) but anyway besides that pun I just want to write about one of the more recent internet memes and what we can learn from it.

As you may know the internet has gone crazy over Papaw. In case you think I’m talking a load of booshka then basically there was a lady who tweeted a picture of her grandfather who invited six grandkids for burgers and only the tweeter showed up. I think that makes sense at least. Anyway I’ve learned a lot from this and I want to tell you what I’ve learned.

The first thing is appreciating your loved ones because I’ve learned the hard way that you can lose them, either slowly as their health deteriorates or suddenly out of nowhere. I feel like these days because of how easy it is for people to find a way to spread hate to you, we’re so caught up and focused on ignoring the haters and preaching about how there’s a reserved table for them in hell to such an extent that we forget to appreciate the good people who love us. I try my absolute best to appreciate my grandparents that I have left because my paternal grandparents are both dead: I never knew one of them and the other died when I was 11 so because of how my grandparents died I feel like any one of them can drop off or something bad would happen in any second and this makes me want to try and appreciate them more.

Another thing I learned is the true power of the internet. You may hear Youtubers say this all the time and you’re probably thinking I’m being like them but this tweet came from a random person in America so one out of billions tweeted and the whole world saw it and offered support (and death threats to the grandkids that didn’t turn up). Despite that tweet managed to touch the hearts of many and it’s just crazy when you really think about it (I’m sounding so typical).

That’s the end of the post. I just want to thank you guys a lot for reading and stuff and we’re almost on 300 views, which is completely mind-blowing. Who knew a little weirdo like me could get 300 views on a blog. Like one out of millions. It’s just amazing so keep reading, telling people about me and keep on being you. As always please like,comment, follow and spread the love.



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