Where are you?

I thought we were friends. I was there for you, isn’t that how friendship work? I chose to skip meals to hear your problems,help you and talk you out of bad decisions and this is how you repay me.
Although I could feel this happening,
I was blinded by the hope that you’d be there for me. I hoped you’d be there to put me back together again after I had my great fall I gave my loyalty and I treated you like royalty and this is what I get in return.
You tell me to get out more but you never invite me to parties You make fun of me for my social anxiety I laughed it all off, I said to myself: If you show weakness you’ll be eaten alive I papered over my cracks and put on a brave face and let out a forced smile.
You’re not the first friend who’s done this to me, don’t worry, I get this all the time: left in the dust while your “other” friends take priority All I ever wanted was to be someone’s number one:having them text me first,
Having them to do things with instead of walking alone and even going on spontaneous journeys into wherever we wanted. In shorthand I want to be someone’s priority and I deserve better than what I’m getting.
I was beginning to see the better side of people. I’m tired of pushing people away and I want to be close to somebody but everyone’s made their friends and I find myself isolated and getting easily attached to anyone that doesn’t hate me. End.

Sorry about that mess of a post people i just wanted to get something off my chest that had been annoying me for a long time. I know that piece of writing has no structure but I just had to write it. As always like,comment and follow and goodbye.

Lonely Lion


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