Make a change

¡Hola Leones!,

I’ve been inspired recently to make changes in my life for the better and I’ve actually been making changes believe it or not and here’s a couple that spring to mind.

I’ve cut down on the amount of caffeine I drink: this is very important to me because before it used to be a daily routine to have a can of coke and large packet of crisps every day after school and I heard somewhere that caffeine can make anxiety worse if you don’t use the energy correctly  because caffeine is meant to keep your brain active and if you cut down on caffeine then your brain won’t be constantly active that was my logic at least. I thought I’d give it a try because I have nothing to lose and I thought that it was time to stop playing the victim over my anxiety and man up because I want to start actually making changes instead of talking without action. In the first week I noticed that I was more tired, which allowed me to get to sleep earlier, which then allowed me to sleep more and wake up with more energy. On this week I also noticed when I started to feel anxious that it didn’t get as bad and I managed to control it more. Now that I’ve already made that change I would like to cut down on the amount of food I eat in terms of snacks because baby steps.

Secondly I chose to make this change today and this was whenever I feel scared, then do the thing that makes me feel scared so that I can deal with it better. For example I get hella scared when talking to shop assistants and today my mum told me to put a battery in her watch for her, which at first scared the living shish kebab out of me. I told myself before I would convince myself of how something bad will happen that “stop thinking like that, face your fears remember when you heard someone say success lies outside your comfort zone, yeah listen to that bitch” (yes I call myself a bitch a lot it’s my favourite curse word deal with it). So anyway I go and I face my fear and I left the shop happy with my efforts and I did a favour for somebody so success right?!

Now where do you come I to this? “Uh oh this crazy guy is about to make me do something” I’m not gonna lie I’m gonna ask you to make the smallest change to your life. For example instead of saying I’ll stop eating junk food altogether or I’ll exercise every day, you say I’ll stop eating junk food on Wednesdays for example and then slowly as you make the habit increase the days you go without junk food and before you know it you won’t be so dependent on it. I’m not gonna force you to change, I’m not gonna hold you at gunpoint and say make a change because everything starts with you. Yes YOU.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post. Do leave comments telling me what changes you’ll make and then I could maybe help you or something I don’t know I just love helping. As always feel free to like,comment,follow and spread the love



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