How I write my posts

Whaddup Lions,

Today I will tell you guys about how I write because I feel like my style is very unique to me and I felt the need to share with you my way of writing so that you can just know I guess. Without more waffle let’s stop wasting time and let’s just actually be informative. Yeah…

Anyway onto how I write. I start by thinking of a particular topic or thing that’s on my mind and I rehearse what I’d say in front of a mirror so that I can get a feeling of authenticity because I want to feel as if I’m talking to you and connecting with you and all that stuff. After I think of a topic and rehearse it in the mirror I sometimes write a draft version onto paper so that I can make any alterations or maybe think of another joke. I mainly think of pop culture and insults to fit the rhythm and theme of what I’m talking about. For example when talking about this Damn Daniel crap that swept the internet recently. I’d get the rhythm of how the guy says danm Daniel and I adapt it to insult the internet the end product is… Damn internet, back at again with the crap memes. I also enjoy making as many puns as possible and referring to things that are currently important in my life.

Another main way of how I write is I literally say the first things that pop into my head. This is so I can stop worrying about what word is better and that I can focus on entertaining my best friends (“Little problem, you don’t have any friends,”
“Not on the blog, please brain save this for another time, and for the record I DO HAVE FRIENDS”) now that I’ve stopped arguing with my brain I’ll carry on with the post.

When I make attempts at more serious pieces of writing I think harder. I do overthink the language I use because I want it to be more professional and emotional if that makes sense. Basically I want my writing to make people emotional and think to themselves. Anyway I always write seriously about things that I’ve been through in the past because it’s more identifiable and I want my past troubles to make people want to make changes to their own life for the better and to give me knowledge for helping people through their similar problems. I’m making no sense right now.

I hope you enjoyed this little post. I know you probably don’t care about how I wrote but I do so that’s your problem. I’m still open to any suggestions on blog posts and questions that you want to ask me. As always like,comment, follow and spread the love.

Bye bye


5 thoughts on “How I write my posts

    1. I understand where you’re coming from. I am only 16 and I want my youth to shine through in my posts. So I guess that makes my word choice a little wrong at times. Also what do you mean by writing mechanics?


      1. Don’t worry too much about word choice–using slang and gives your work a unique voice that complements your youthful perspective. Mechanics simply refer to how we abide by grammar rules and such. As writers, there’s always way we can improve, and that’s the fun part!


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