Animals or Humans?!?!


Sorry just tried to channel my inner Adele but I’m writing to you guys today to ask you if I’m crazy or not basically but anyway I’ll tell you the full story.

So this is what I gotta say. I feel like, well I’m sure that I prefer the company of animals to the company of humans. No disrespect to you humans out there but there’s a reason that I call you guys Lions because I’d prefer you to be animals rather than humans. I know it sounds crazy but just deal with it *puts on sunglasses and tries to look scary*.

For example whenever I’m with a human I just met, I feel like I have to be on my best behaviour and not be weird because most humans bar a few make me feel uncomfortable and I don’t want them to hate me because in my dreams I love everyone and I’m really friendly and stuff but in real life I can come off as rude because I just talk and it sounds like I’m sad or angry at them so people avoid me. which I perfectly understand because I tend to expect the worst in people because of my trust issues but when someone proves that they can be trusted I care deeply about them and I’m super loyal to them. This is going off topic. Remind me to cut this part out.

However when I see an animal I just smile at them and they make me feel more comfortable. For example whenever I get to pet another person’s dog or go to some kind of animal area, where I can be near them, then I’m at my happiest if that makes sense. I know what you’re thinking “get an effin dog if you like animals so much and stop overreacting and wasting my time with this post” my answer to that is: I’m the only one in my family except my younger sister that loves animals. My dad, mother and older sister all are either scared of them or hate them. I even have a collection of animal selfies on my phone ffs I’m that obsessed.

I hope you enjoyed that post and let me know in the comments if you agree with what I’m saying. I’m always open to any post ideas of what you want me to do because I’m pretty flexible. As always like,comment,follow and spread the love.

Until next time,
The Lonely Lion


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