Who is this?

I don’t like my body
It’s easier said than done to simply accept it for what it is
From people all I hear is “it’s fine, you’re not fat at all”
But my head has other ideas

When I was younger
I heard every single fat joke in existence
I was called every single name related to obesity
I was always the primary suspect of the who ate all the pies thing
I was always picked on, the easy target
Lessons involving sport were the hub of all bullying
I became blind to what my body actually is and how I actually look like
I was fixated on becoming a stick insect
I just wanted to be thin. Is that too much to ask?

I find myself skipping breakfast and dinner
In an effort to become thinner
After each and every thing I eat: every last crumb…
The voice in my head says no…
This is why you’re fat, this is why your so ugly
If only you had a different body.                 I often reply with: “maybe you’re right”
Then I’m convinced my body isn’t enough

This voice in my head is the reason why.
The reason why I don’t enjoy the beach anymore,
the thought of taking my shirt off sends shivers down my spine
So I stay where I am: fully clothed
This voice is the reason why I hate my upper and lower body
I’m tired of people saying that issues with body confidence is a girl thing
They say to me “you’re not a girl that you always say you’re fat”
Talk about sexism ll believe I

What’s this thing that tells me to eat
Who could this person be?
It makes me eat,eat,eat
Although I know I will become fatter
Still I eat
I wish I could stop this person that’s telling me the wrong thing.
I should be thin, only eating healthy greens
Even after healthy food I still feel an urge towards chocolate
Why can’t I be healthy?
Also why can’t I accept myself?


Hey everyone, I just wanted to write that to raise awareness of problems with body confidence in men. Usually you see men flexing their muscles in their latest gym selfie but for every muscle man there’s a person who’s suffering and wants to be thin and athletic like the rest of them. Please share this with someone who needs this. I hope you enjoyed this and let me know about what you want to see from me. As always do like,comment,follow and spread the love.

Until next time,
The Lonely Lion


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