Struggles of Wearing Glasses

Whaddup Lions,

Sorry that I haven’t posted in such a long time for my standards. I haven’t had much of an idea about what to post about and I never post anything that’s not my best work or forced. Now that that the negative stuff is out of the way ima tell you some of the struggles I face as a glasses wearer. Here are mine. Aren’t they just sexy. Anyway let’s get into the post.


NUMBER 1: Looking for them when they’re not on your face.

This is like hell broken loose because I want to find the object that makes me able to see because without them I may as well just read Braille I need them that much. In the morning I wake up for another long day of school and my glasses are trying to play peekaboo with me, it just doesn’t work and it can ruin my day completely so glasses, do me a favour and stay on my face or make yourself easily identifiable to avoid seeing me angry.

Number 2: People trying them on

This is the most annoying one of all. Imagine this: In the middle of class in school you’re focusing on the board and taking in information. Then you hear a whisper and the person next to you asks to try on your glasses. After that stupid question I give the person the evils and I offer an opportunity to think about what they’ve just asked and guess what they do… they take them off and completely take away any kind of vision you have and no before you ask the same old question they don’t suit you, you only look like a complete idiot and you’re giving me a headache and an excuse for my bad grades. Anybody who asks me if they can try on my glasses should simply not. It’s when I let you wear my glasses is when you know you’re my friend.

Number 3: The Rain

This is a love/hate thing for me because although I live in the UK I love the rain. I’m not like the same old Brit who complains about winter cold but later complains about summer warmth. I’m the type of guy who loves the rain because of how soothing it is. However glasses make me want to banish the rain because whenever it rains I may as well take my glasses off, be blind and walk into any nearby lampposts.

Number 4. Ovens

I believe that my brain should at least warn me that my glasses are gonna be steamed up if I open the oven because I bake and I love making pizza so I use ovens quite frequently. Therefore I should get a warning in advance before my glasses steam up and take my sight away even more than rain does. Next time brain please just tell me to remove my double glazing and look at the thing that is in the oven and check if it’s ready to eat, thank you for your cooperation.

5: Snuggles made impossible

This is one I don’t have too much experience with because I’m single af so if anyone wants a cuddle I’m right here and I don’t bite… unless you drop a skittle on yourself because then ima be all over that shish. Anyway I can’t snuggle up or lie down comfortably without feeling like my glasses will break or get damaged because once that happens, I’ll have to learn Braille.

Those were just 5 struggles I can definitely do a part 2 because they’re so many more disadvantages with wearing glasses. I’ll be honest the positives really outweigh the negatives I love my glasses despite our peekaboo games. If you have any post ideas or questions that you want me to answer or make then please leave them in the comments. As always feel free to like, comment,follow and spread the love.

Until next time,
The Lonely Lion


13 thoughts on “Struggles of Wearing Glasses

  1. OMG that’s the story of my life!! I wear glasses since I was 4 and I’ve been dealing with it for quite a long time!!
    I always get nervous when my glasses ain’t on my face! I lose control! I also hate the water steam or water drops on my glasses!! So annoying specially when I just washed them!!! Argh! And if I got money every time people ask me to try out my glasses…psh go buy yourself some glasses!! I love wearing glasses though!! 😛
    Loved this post!! XD

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah totally, I loved it!! Wouldn’t you mind to include the classic who turns the class into their autobiography? That’ll be cool but I ain’t pushing ya, you can do it or not hehe 😛

        Liked by 1 person

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