What if…

What if we all stopped being jealous of each other, if we were happy for the achievements of others instead of hating them for their own work.
What if we stopped comparing ourselves to each other:
Gazing at someone’s highlight reel on their instagram account and holding it in contrast to your behind the scenes footage.
We’d accept ourselves
Be comfortable in our own skin
Realise our worth

What if all genders were equal…
There would be no more slut-shaming, men doing the cooking and cleaning WITH or INSTEAD of the women in their lives.
Not sitting idle, eyes glued to their screens
Young girls would be able to express themselves and never ever be ashamed of their gender
Women would be respected as strong, individual people.
Not the sexual property of men…

What if all bullying stopped forever…physical and verbal
That victim wouldn’t be crying themselves to sleep, the image of the bully’s followers laughing is etched into their mind never to be unseen
They wouldn’t be lying to themselves…
About how they’re not enough, how their best days are behind them
How they deserve to suffer
Worst of all: choosing a permanent, fatal solution.
For a temporary problem.

What if we solved some of the world’s problems
What if…
The end

Hey guys, if you’re still reading this. I hope you liked that bit of poetry I decided to write for no reason at all I’m open to anything you need to say about my writing whether good or bad. As always feel free to like, comment, follow and spread the love.

Until next time,
The Lonely Lion


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