Why I love you all

Whaddup Lions and Lionesses,

I’m gonna go straight into this post because there’s I just want to put my point across in without rambling because I have something personal that I want to tell you so this post probably won’t be funny. Sorry to disappoint.

Yesterday I was feeling very sad, I was having one of those days where nothing goes right and you feel like life’s gone to shish. I felt really lonely, and not because of my alias but I genuinely felt like I was alone and there was no way out. Basically my depression and anxiety was getting the better of me. I couldn’t do anything, even my mechanisms for feeling better or coping with my anxiety just wouldn’t work because I didn’t want to listen to any reasonable explanations to my thoughts and feelings. When I was falling apart I felt like I needed somebody else to just interfere and cuddle me and make me feel better (yes I’m very needy don’t judge me, that’s God’s job). Anyway I was in bed sulking and literally crying to myself “you’re useless”, ” nobody cares about you” said my brain. I didn’t believe that at all but my anxiety was too much to handle at the time and I’m going off topic.

So as I was crying my phone went off and me being a 21st century teenager I checked it right away and I saw that someone left a comment on one of my posts basically saying how much they loved the post and followed the blog and something flipped inside. I literally stopped crying on the spot as soon as I read it because I was reminded that you yes you the person reading this is my friend. That’s when I realised that although I have about 7 followers (that may not seem like an incredible amount) I actually learned that it’s not about the numbers but it’s about the quality of the followers if that makes any sense. That may sound like something everyone says but I truly mean it and when you experience this feeling you’ll know for sure what I’m talking about.

Thank you for reading this post and thank you x2 for being so supportive. As always like, comment and follow if you enjoyed and spread the love.

Until next time,
The Lonely Lion


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