Anxiety: Dealing with feeling Anxious

Whaddup Lions and Lionesses,

Firstly: I’m alive (sorry to disappoint you). Sorry I’ve been quiet on the blogging scene recently its because I’ve been in Barcelona since Friday and I’m going back home tomorrow which is a little sad. Tell me if you’d like a post on Barcelona. But anyway I decided to use this weekend as a chance to enjoy the moment through my eyes and not my teeny tiny screen. Secondly: about the title. Yes this post is about how I try to keep my anxiety under control (more on this in another post), I’m emphasising the word “try” because to be honest it still gets the better of me most of the time. The inspiration of this post came from another blogger who recently posted about their struggles with anxiety and one of the purposes of my blog is to help that one person who needs it and maybe it’ll help others as well who knows. Enough rambling and let’s get into the post. ZWOOOSH. (Just imagine I’ve taken you somewhere pretty).

Now one of the ways I deal with my anxiety is I leave the room I’m having a panic attack in so that I can have some alone time. This is important during a panic attack my brain associates the place I’m currently in with danger because anxiety just takes over the brain and you simply can’t do much about it. When I’m out of the scary place I just stay on my own and give myself time to catch my breath. What I do is I take a big, deep breath in and count three seconds while holding my breath then let a nice controlled breath. I’d like to stress the importance of controlling the breath because breathing heavily only makes it worse. Then you repeat the process with increasing the amount of seconds of holding your breath and until you feel at ease.

Another thing I do is I pray to God to make everything OK. This won’t work for everyone but when I pray to God I feel like its just me and God talking and I feel like I’m safe. This may seem like total trash for you atheist Lions but for me this is never fails.

One of the most important things of dealing with feeling anxious is telling myself to calm the eff down. This is definitely easier said than done because the brain is spiralling out of control and its practically impossible to be the voice of reason but once you get your own attention use SDS (stop, Dissect and Solve) I’ve talked about this before but in this case I ask myself what’s happening? and what is physically making me anxious?. Then I persuade myself that there is nothing to worry about, God is with me and that I’ll be OK. This may seem impossible but ima say this straight up no BS: if your brain is powerful enough to talk you into suicide attempts, its more than capable of persuading you of thinking positively. You just gotta be willing to help yourself. Straight up.

Now after that harsh ending I hope you enjoyed this first post in a week and the start of a mini series and I’m so happy to be posting again. Please don’t be afraid to tell me about your experiences with anxiety or if you want to talk in a more private way then let me know in the comments. As always like,  comment and follow and don’t forget to spread the love.

Until next time,
The Lonely Lion


2 thoughts on “Anxiety: Dealing with feeling Anxious

  1. Aw this really helped, thank you x 🙂 Also, i’ve never had a panic attack so I can’t even imagine what they’re like but they sound absolutely horrible and I’m so sorry that you have to go through them. xx


  2. Trust me they’re like free salad on the side unwanted and annoying but part of the package. Did I really compare anxiety with fast food?


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