11 signs that you hate maths

Whaddup Lions and Lionesses,


Today I’m gonna try something a little different than normal and I’m gonna talk about signs that you hate maths because maths is the bane of my existence and I want it to go away and leave me alone.

1. You try to write words on your calculator– most likely words and euphemisms for sexual procedures and organ. You’re probably thinking How old do I look 12? Sorry my friend us anti maths people have all done this.

2. You spend more time laughing at what ridiculous name that appears on the question than actually answering the mudda-effin question- I’m sorry but I don’t know anyone called Raksha and nor have I ever HEARD of anyone with that name.

3. You only ever use your pair of compasses to stab annoying people -Come on now we’ve all at least thought of stabbing that brioche who wronged you.

4. You wonder why *insert weird name* can’t just solve their problems themselves instead of making us do it- I don’t even care how many sweets are in this Weirdo’s bag, can’t they just effin open their bag and just count how many red sweets he has.

5. You sit there wondering when you’ll use this is later life- I can safely guarantee that I’ll never use Pythagoras nor Trigonometry in my future life so please do us a favour and just stop.

6. You suddenly feel dead inside when you find out that maths is the next lesson on your timetable

7. You wonder what kind of sorcery goes on in the heads of those nerds in the top set

8. You’re counting down the days and lessons of maths that you have left before the end of the year- about 24 down 30 to go.

9. You’re also counting down the days until A-Levels or College where there will be no more maths-
LOL poor little children who still have to work out the area of a circle

9.You celebrate when you find out that you’re allowed to use a calculator

10. You cry when you see Algebra questions- Letters aren’t meant to be in maths, its strictly numbers only

11. You want to find the muddasucka who invented maths-
This is all their fault bring me his/her head on a stick.

12. You also want to do the same to the troll who thought it was appropriate to introduce letters into Maths- Also bring me Pythagoras’s head while you’re at it

11. You think Maths stands for Mental Abuse To Humans’ Sanity

So this is the end of the post. I just want to say that this is all for entertainment purposes and that you shouldn’t get offended by anything that I say. I hope you enjoyed reading this, please like, comment and follow and I’ll see you later.

Until next time,
The Lonely Lion


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