How I deal with failure

Whaddup Lions and Lionesses,

Today I would like to talk about dealing with failure because I’ve been getting some exam results recently and some have been oh yah and some have been oh nah. Therefore I felt like it was appropriate to give my advice on how to deal with failing. This not only applies to exams but it can also apply to anything from whether it’s getting into university or losing your job or whatever you want as I always say these posts are open to your interpretation. But first I have a question. Should I stop rambling and get on with it? What was that a yes… OK

cool WHOOOSH! (Don’t ask what that was I’m in a good mood don’t judge).

So firstly I start with my favourite problem solver SDS (stop, Dissect and solve). I’ve already explained this is my post about how I make myself feel better so you can check that out in case you don’t know but SDS is basically when you stop what you’re doing think about where the problem came from and then solve it because problems don’t solve themselves just like season 2 of once upon a time won’t watch itself (great show btw). It’s the same principle you just need to open your eyes and wake the fudge up.

Then after getting to the root of the failure of whatever happened in my case why I failed a certain exam I solve it by doing simply working harder. I know it sounds like hell but it takes time for the hard work brain to kick in. For example if I did badly on an exam instead of giving up and assuming that I’ve failed in life and I feel super fired up and motivated to make sure that never happens again. With me being a perfectionist with also solid knowledge of my strengths and weaknesses its easier for me to get fired up to do well if that makes any sense please tell me this makes sense. Anyway if you don’t get motivated by that then find something whether it’s getting higher than a friend or a sibling there has to be something that motivates or shocks you into hard work. I know that this hard work stuff is easier said than done trust me I feel your pain I’ve struggled with laziness and lack of motivation to work hard but sometimes it takes either an inspiration of yours and a failure which acts like a shock to the system that’s what it took me and now I can’t stay away from work. Hard work always pays off. Straight up.

I hear you asking me “I don’t go to school I’m too old for that sheesh, how could I learn from this?” The answer to that my friend is SDS and working harder helps no matter how old you are. I’ll give an example for those of you that are in the world of work. Let’s say you don’t get a job that you applied for. Ask yourself was it my approach to the  interview?, was it that I wasn’t quite qualified enough? Or maybe my skill set just didn’t suit what they wanted. Then after getting to the bottom of why it didn’t happen you can work harder, learn from potential mistakes and show the employers that rejected you what they’re missing because you. Yes you the person reading this are special (now I’ve got my tumblr moment out of the way) I’m done.

So that was how I personally deal with failing at anything I hope you enjoyed reading this and will begin to use my methods. Make sure to like,comment and follow and I’ll see you later.

Until next time,
The Lonely Lion


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