When I nearly got arrested

Whaddup Lions and Lionesses,

Just before I explain the title I just want to say that it snowed yesterday and here is what I did with my time.


Isn’t he the cutest?

Now I didn’t mean to post today but something interesting happened today and I thought I’d share it with you today because I think that this would be really entertaining for you so sit back and enjoy the story.

It was a cold winter’s morning and after my exam in the morning I decided to walk home because I only live a couple miles away the walk isn’t that much and I was allowed to do so because I’m on study leave (well not anymore I have real lessons tomorrow *cries myself to sleep*). Anyways I was walking, minding my own business and listening to music while pretending that I was on Taylor Swift’s latest guest on her 1989 world tour and dancing and trying to be as awesome as her basically. Until I see a police officer across the road and police officers stress me the hell out with their high visibility jackets and their walkie talkies and their general way of being. So me being me I tried to act natural because I didn’t want to get suspected until I look out the corner of my eye and he’s crossing the road and walking towards me and at this time I was sheesh kebabing my pants because I didn’t want to get arrested then have to call my mother and then my brioche of a head of year would get all up in my sheesh and I got no time for that stuff.
Anyway so I do my confidence walk which is head up, shoulders back and go, but this guy stopped as I began to walk past him so I  took one earphone out, didn’t even pause the music because of how scared I was and he said “hi are you alright” and by then I had done a shiitake mushroom in my pants. Then I said just about talking English
“yeah”… “I’m good” and then I was praying he’d leave me alone but then he asked me
“Why are you not in school”? Me being an absolute wimp got scared even though I had nothing to hide and I was perfectly innocent me with my stammer I replied
” ummm… yeah I… have my mocks right now and I don’t have an exam” I looked at his scary face I could feel it burning a hole in my face even though it was super cold no joke and then he said back
“Yeah I’ve heard that mocks happen around this time of year”. I was relieved that he reacted relatively well but then as I was a nervous wreck I added
” yeah I had an exam now and I have another in the afternoon ”  then the officer just goes ok well good luck and then I stood there like a lamppost because I didn’t know if I can go or not until he moved and then I started walking slowly away and then I more or less ran away because of how scared I was.
But that’s not the end as I was going back to school I kept looking around for the police officer to see if he wanted to check whether I actually went back to school or not (over thinking I know). And every time I saw a high vis jacket I’d get so scared that I’d feel everything tighten.

So I hope you enjoyed that little story for today and for now I gotta go. Make sure to like, comment and follow and I’ll see you later

Until next time,
The Lonely Lion


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