How I make myself feel better

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I’m in a great mood and I hope you are too and I just wanted to tell you what I do to make myself feel better when I’m sad. I also wanted to ask you guys what you want to see from me in terms of content. I’m open to any advice in the comments because its your blog too and I want you to have a say in what goes down up in here. Now without anymore dilly dally let’s get into the post.

Number 1: Take a nap

This seems like a no brainer, like show wouldn’t want to nap when they’re sad. However I take a nap when I’m sad because I can go to sleep for a few hours, shut everything down and wake up in a couple hours with the awareness of a drunk (I don’t drink by the way I don’t see the point just saying ) but you get the idea. After a nap I just seem to forget everything that happened in the past few hours then my train of thought will move to imagining situations I’m too chicken to make happen.

Number 2: Take a walk

This is a mechanism best suited for when you have a dog because you can just look at the Cutie’s face and all is well again. Unfortunately I don’t have a dog so I can’t do this to its full effect but I’m sure that it’ll be just as effective when you’re alone. Anyway I often like to take walks with my music in preferably when there’s not many people around so it can turn into a full on concert performance with a sell out audience and I’m just singing while dancing and pretending to be performing to an audience… don’t judge me that’s God’s job. I also find that walking in the cold especially helps me because I’m all warm in my hoody but my face is nice and cold but you can do it in any weather you like I just prefer winter.

3. Stop, Dissect, Solve

This is something I made up just now (talk about thinking on my feet) and it should be your first thing to do but solve direct solve (SDS) is a massive part of helping sadness and I’ll take you through the steps:

Step 1 Stop: say to yourself hold up why am I sad?

Step 2 Dissect: Get to the bottom of the problem by retracing your thoughts, which is a skill that takes lots of practice like anything and then ask yourself what do I feel?, why do I feel like this? And How will I solve it? Those are the three base questions which can extend to others if you wish.

Step 3 Solve: I can’t explain this in any other way except for straight up saying it. You can’t control what happens to you all of the time but its on you to decide how you’ll respond. While you’re moping the clock is still ticking, you’re getting older and the day is passing by. The world doesn’t pause for you to solve your problem then it starts again. This isn’t like Netflix when you pause it to answer nature’s call. Life goes on. Straight up.

Number 4: Go treat yourself

Go treat yourself because you smart, you loyal, you grateful and I appreciate that. Sorry DJ Khaled took over my blog. But anyway this is another no brainer but when I’m sad I tend to eat which is totally normal but instead of munching a carrot in sadness I go hard or go home and bust out my emergency chocolate, unless it hasn’t been eaten already. Emergency chocolate is great because chocolate has thingies in it that stimulate the brain and releases pleasurable hormones I don’t know this for sure but sugar increases your dopamine levels which is basically like a rewards system I can’t explain it well so look it up for more accurate information but yeah food always helps.

Number Five: Write it down

I remember I had a book that I used to always put all my rants in now its all in my phone notes but do it anywhere. What I do is I let the words flow out onto the page or screen and just rant using whatever language I can think of (I’ll show you a few if you want in other posts) but after I write it down I feel nice, cool and ready to reset myself.

Finally at Number six: Meditate

Yes I know it sounds stupid to you but meditation helps so much with feeling spiritually peaceful with yourself. Here’s my favourite breathing exercise for when I’m sad or anxious and so on.

Step 1: Take a big fat deep breath in.

Step 2: Hold it for a certain amount of seconds and vary it based on bow relaxed you can stay.

Step 3: slowly breathe out in a controlled manner.

Step 4: repeat until you feel peaceful or tired or whenever you’re feeling positive

That will always work for me but only when I’m focused on my breathing so they won’t work unless you’re willing to calm down.

And that’s the end of my post I feel like this was incredo long but I had fun making it and I hope you had just as much fun reading it please remember to like, comment and follow if you want to see more of me and don’t forget to give me some ideas and advice and stuff.

Until next time,
The Lonely Lion


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