My Dreams

Whaddup Lions and Lionesses,

So I’ve been posting a lot lately because I’ve had a few days off my exams but also because I’ve been feeling really happy and motivated and generally hyper. This post as you can tell from the title will be about my dreams (great detective work) just because these are things I daydream about for hours a day and I’m a big dreamer so grab some popcorn, grab a drink because this is about to be da I’ll wait for you to grab your drink don’t worry… done? Ok let’s go!

So Number one, Nummer eins, numero uno, I’ll stop being awkward now. But yeah my first dream in life is to be happy and at peace with myself. (Cheesy I know but let me explain before you judge). So at the moment I’m going through a tough time in my life with anxiety issues,dark thoughts I’ll tell the full story when I’m ready but these things cause me to constantly have this self-destruct button. I know it sounds crazy but whenever I’m sad I tend to want to make it worse and I don’t want to make myself better or change which is terrible and doesn’t solve a thing. For example when I have a sleepless night then instead of trying to use my mechanisms to get to sleep I tend to just lie in bed and take it lying down. Yeah I know that’s dumb but I’m not perfect. Therefore this dream of wanting to be at peace with myself is basically not having that self-destruct button and being happy and accepting of my me.

Numero deux: To be able to speak multiple languages: as you can probably see I’ve used for languages in this post already so its quite obvious. At the moment in school my grades are like A*s in the languages and everything ranging from A-C below that which isn’t good enough for this Lion who’s a massive perfectionist. At the moment I’m learning to speak French and German at the moment but I hope to pick up many more languages in the future as I want to be that guy who can actually not worry about the language barrier when I go to another country and plus I can insult people and they won’t understand how much better could it get?

Number Three: Travel to all of my dream destinations: Travelling is arguably the best thing to do in my opinion because I often find that a change of scenery always helps me to not be in a depressive state for some time until something triggers it. Examples of my dream destinations are Singapore, China, the Caribbean, South  America and that’s only a few I thought of in my head. I could probably write a whole book series on where I want to go and why. I think that says enough!

Number Four, which is the whackiest most weirdest. This one is to have an empire of animals in massive country house. If some of the people I know in real life are reading this I can feel them shaking their heads, disapproving of this last one. But anyway what I would plan to do is start small; with a couple dogs and cats, not quite decided on the breeds yet because they’re all so muddasucking cute. Then I would go crazy on the farm animals. For example I would get goats, chickens, llamas and donkeys. Ambitious right? Then I’ll get those really colourful parrots which I forgot the name of. This is a big one for me because I don’t know about what I want to do in terms of marriage and that really scary grown up stuff but if I decide not to get married then this project is sooooo gonna happen. I know what some of you are thinking how are you gonna get this?, Isn’t this unrealistic? Well the answer to that my beautiful friend is working hard LBBing it (live it breathe it be it) as I’ve learned from one of my inspirations. I could write a whole post about my idols and inspirations and what I’ve learned then expand on that in future posts so I’m good for ideas (for now). This is getting off topic.

So those are my main dreams in life I hope you enjoyed reading this please like,comment,follow. Please also spread the love of this blog it’ll mean so so SOOO much to me. Please tell me what your dreams are I’m interested. But this is me signing off for today

Until next time,
The Lonely Lion


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