Welcome again

Whaddup Lions and Lionesses,

Welcome to my new blog now in case you didn’t read my post on the other website which is old news now I’m starting a new blog on WordPress because don’t get me wrong blogger is cool but for me WordPress has more opportunities for customising the blog and the general interface just looks better. I decided to switch over to WordPress because I’ve recently gotten hooked on a blog called “dearmylifeandme” (go over and show her blog some love she’s inspired me to just let go and not overthink what I write),which is on wordpress and so I decided to switch I hope I haven’t annoyed anyone :).

So if you’re new to my way of being here’s a few rules of the lion’s den:

Rule 1 of the Lion’s den; don’t talk about the lion’s den. Just kidding! It’s to always spread positive vibes. This is the most important rule as I already am going through a stage of negativity in my life and I started blogging anonymously so that I could self therapy myself (if that made sense), and to act as a hopeful means of making people smile and helping them make sure that the world never takes their smile.

2. Don’t fight through comments on my posts, because in the lion’s den we are all friends and we shouldn’t hate on each other or judge each other negatively based on anything.

3. Always smile and laugh because in my opinion laughter is the universal language of the world.

From my blog you should expect many advice and random things about me mostly giving out positive energy to the world. This blog is for that one person who’s having a rough day that needs to just smile more in general and I’m running out of things to say now. I’m sure this is getting boring now as some of you came from blogger and stuff like that so I’ll just sign off now

Until next time,
The Lonely Lion


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